Only eight or so weeks until AVENGERS INFINITY WAR hits cinemas and the Face Eaters are planning a screening event on premiere night here in sunny Grand Junction, CO. Any and all are welcome to attend, though given the fact that I alone am the only one who writes or reads anything on this site, it’ll likely just be Face Eaters who attend. This has been 10 years and 18 films in the making. Never before in the history of the moving image has there been a more cohesive and connected narrative spanning so many films in such a short time. It took merely 10 years to get to film # 19 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a comparison, Star Wars has taken over 35 years to get to just 9 films (11 if you include EWOKS:Battle for Endor and The STAR WARS Christmas Special, which you really should). Every single Marvel film in the current MCU has been #1 in the Box Office the weekend it pened, was certified fresh on and was a huge money maker, always tripling it’s money back at minimum. This culmination is gonna be one for the record books and hopefully we see you there for this most excellent of film battle royales. Can Earth’s mightiest heroes stave off complete destruction by the mad Titan Thanos and his sinister Black Order? AVENGERS INIFINITY WAR opens in theaters April 27th, and we will be there opening night to see the fireworks at Carmike Cinemas..