Our second event was held at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO during the weekend of November 14th to the 16th, 2014. We made several large changes to enhance the event including the addition of SWAG bags, a three hour long trivia game with prizes for the winners, and an extended itinerary which also including walkabouts of the hotel and a tour of beautiful Estes Park (which, it turned out, had an absurd number of ice cream shops throughout). Swag bag items included event lanyards with personalized badges for each attendee, packs of MONSTER IN MY POCKET trading cards from 1990, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS trading cards from the late 80’s, classic horror poster magnets, as well as a fresh paperback copy of the seminal horror classic, “THE SHINING”(duh!). Increased numbers, amplified zeal, a themed location for the event and some truly GROOVY trivia prizes made it the standard by which all future FACECONS would be measured. The full itinerary was as follows:

Friday Nov. 14th
4:00 PM Check-In/Meet and Greet
5:00 PM SWAG BAGS/Orientation
6:00 PM “The Innkeepers”
8:00 PM Dinner/”MTV’s Fear – Buck Hill Inn”
9:00 PM “Unsolved Mysteries – Halloween Ghost Special”
10:00 PM “The Shining”
12:00 AM Witching Hour Walkabout/”Motel Hell”

Saturday Nov. 15th
9:00 AM Breakfast/”Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors”
10:00 AM “Most Haunted – The Stanley Hotel”
11:00 AM Tour of The Stanley Hotel
1:00 PM Lunch/”1408″
3:00 PM “BBC Omnibus – Stephen King”
4:00 PM “Vacancy”
5:30 PM “The Real Ghostbusters – DEADCON 1″
6:00 PM Dinner/”The Houses October Built”
8:00 PM TRIVIA TIME!/”Monstervision – Poltergeist”
10:00 PM “Poltergeist III”
12:00 AM “Poultrygeist”




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