The first ever FaceCon took place between February 28th and March 2nd, 2014 in R’lyeh. Yep, the dark lord, Cthulu sent us an e-vite to come “gaze into the abyss” with him (little weird, sure), which we promptly responded to anyway. He’s Cthulu afterall, heh…SO THEN, he replied with instructions to open a dimensional gateway to R’lyeh, which we did in Clifton, Colorado at the home of Face Eater founder, Patrick Kitson. Naturally opting for an H.P. Lovecraft-themed affair, we spent two days in R’lyeh (not one f***ing dry surface ANYWHERE), screened roughly ten films including “IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS”, “DAGON”, and “THE GATE”, as well as several notable episodes of such cult TV shows as “SPACED”, “Garth Merenghi’s DARKPLACE” and “The Real Ghostbusters”. Many standards for the events were established including: a cohesive theme to the event, the inclusion of at least one episode of “The Real Ghostbusters”, as well as our much-revered tradition of showing an episode of TNT’s MONSTERVISION hosted by Joe Bob Briggs. A splendid time was had by all as we also indulged in Cards Against Humanity, various tabletop games (i.e. The Lovecraft-inspired ELDER SIGN) and one massively disappointing attempt to summon SHUB-NIGGURATH which resulted in the death of one member and the loss of sanity for several others. It was, to quote “HEATHERS”, “SO VERY”.


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