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With less than two weeks until our bi-annual event, FACECON commences in the beautiful, picturesque, and ultimately terrifying town of Georgetown, Colorado. Having been absolutely chock-full of supernatural myths and history for the last century, Georgetown is a perfect place to unleash FACECON V on the unsuspecting public. Keep an eye on the website during the event because you never know when or where a piece of an active puzzle may pop up. Also don’t forget that event starts promptly at two do be sure to be there an hour early to settle in and get oriented for the horror that awaits. Also, don’t forget your extra five bucks for the Ghost Tour of the Hamill House!!




Swag Bags.




And all the terror you can handle!!

See you there, April 1st – 3rd, 2016

And as ever…





Since it’s release, a lot of vitriol has been directed toward KRAMPUS, the follow up film from TRICK OR TREAT-director Michael Dougherty’s new cinema soiree. And while it is clear that Krampus isn’t of quite the same ilk as it’s predecessor, we of The Face Eaters wish to make the following public service announcement. Just give it a go. You may, as we did, actually find it to be an amusing ride. Lower your admittedly ill-informed expectations, have some fun…it really isn’t THAT bad. It’s sorta fun…

AND bleak as f***…




The next official FACECON is APRIL 1st-3rd, 2016, in Georgetown, CO and the theme is LIFE AFTER DEATH!! Tickets will be on sale in the next week ARE ON SALE NOW and it’s gonna be a blast. Swag bags, event lanyards, amenities like a hot tub and pool table, cult flix, trash pics, games, fun,a dance party/mixer/costume party, the debut of the FACE EATERS PODCAST, the INFAMOUS FACECON TRIVIA as well as the next chapter in the ongoing story of EMILY SANDFORD. Also, Georgetown is supposedly totally haunted, the very place where they filmed PHANTOMS, conveniently located right of I-70, and utterly creepy so we are all likely to narrowly escape with our lives…at best. You may watch your co-attendees die in horribly sadistic and bloody ways before the weekend’s through, but rest assured that it WILL likely make for a great, albeit blood drenching and somewhat disturbing story to tell during holiday get togethers!!

Buy Your FaceCon V Tickets Here!

FCV in Georgetown, CO. Be there Or miss the madness!!



Every year, tens of thousands of folks descend upon the sleepy hamlet of Denver, Colorado to partake in a three day journey back to the last great hey-day of musical innovation: THE 90’S. RIOTFEST has been happening every year for the past three and features the most eclectic assortment of artists this side of LEEDS or COACHELLA. While largely a punk-driven affair, last year’s lineup included WEEZER, THE CURE, GOGOL BORDELLO, THE FLAMING LIPS, PRIMUS, SLAYER and NEW FOUND GLORY. This year’s versatility was no different, as we brave members of the Face Eaters who were in attendance can attest. Between Friday, August 28th and Sunday, August 30th, we saw the following: Wu-Tang’s THE GZA, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, MODEST MOUSE, IGGY POP, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, THE PIXIES, ICE CUBE(w/ his NWA buddies), CYPRESS HILL, ALKALINE TRIO, AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT, and of course…the one and only GWAR(who still totally rock one’s face off their head, and fuck all the haters who say otherwise!). We came, we saw, and were utterly drenched in blood by the end. Basically, you need to get your silly ass to the next one, usually held around August, or you’re just missing the best music festival Colorado has to offer, bud.

And, if you have a few minutes,


No, it wasn’t in space. So many horror series’ fourth films ARE in space though, that we couldn’t help ourselves(i.e. Hellraiser, Critters, Leprechaun). It was actually at the Amen schoolhouse in Monarch Colorado, right atop the continental divide and from it’s breathtaking views to it’s subtle menace, it proved to be a location we shant soon forget here at The Face Eaters. Indeed, ’twas a wonderful site for our most recent of FACECONS. Many laughs and more than a few close brushes with death were had, and we all managed to conme out the other side relatively unscathed, save for one guy we had to leave behind because he was…..TURNING. Aside from that joker, everyone was better for the experience…even when we were made to re-create the famous “bat” scene from “The Great Outdoors”. Swag bags were provided as per usual, and included BLAIR WITHC PROJECT trading cards, COREY HAIM magnets, Caesar cypher wheels, Monstervision buttons, event lanyards, personalized badges, and a veritable cornucopia of other assorted cult awesomeness. All attendees were also given a history of the area and the last entries in the journal of Emily Sandford, a young resident of the area in the late 1800’s. Spooky stuff. And of course, we had screenings of many horror clasics befitting our religious schoolhouse theme such as BATTLE ROYALE, THE FACULTY, CARRIE and many more. Suffice it to say, we just might have stirred up a few revenants in our brief time at the schoolhouse and hopefully we will be coming back to this place in the future. As for Emily, only time will tell what happened to her after she set the world on fire.