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Tomorrow, December 17th, some brave members of The Face Eaters Collective are taking the Star Wars Marathon challenge in Denver, CO. Starting at 2:30AM on Thursday morning with The Phantom Menace, all six original Star Wars films will be theatrically screened in episode order in whatever semi-finished, digitally-enhanced-and-reenhanced, wrestled-away-from-George-Lucas form they exist in nowadays, leading up to an (early) 7:30PM premiere of The Force Awakens (possibly in 3D).

Stay tuned for pictures, video and news from the event!

On Lightsabers… Blue, Green or Red? What color says about your alignment.

This article was originally published several months ago but with FORCE AWAKENS being released and it’s current relevence, we have repost it for your enjoyment.

There’s no denying the rush we Star Wars fans get when we hear the unmistakable snap-hiss of a lightsaber being ignited. Since the very first time Luke Skywalker activated his father’s ice-blue lightsaber in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s desert hut, the world has been obsessed with this “weapon for a more civilized age.” Over the years, we’ve seen the Jedi wielding blue, green and even purple bladed lightsabers, with deep crimson red blades reserved for those who had turned down the dark path. But what do these colors really mean? Why does Luke wield a blue saber at first, then transition to a green one later in the series? Can the forces of evil handle the traditionally cool blue-bladed lightsabers of the “Light Side”? Why does the arguably most skilled Jedi in history wield a purple lightsaber?
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