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Facecon’s First Sci-Fi/Horror SHORTSFEST

Here at FACECON.ORG, AND with our seminal bi-annual event, FACECON, we ill-tempered worker bees amuse ourselves by injecting bits of culture we hope to enhance the lives of our attendees and by extension our collective with. As such, we have decided to incorporate a three and half hour SCI-FI/HORROR Shortsfest into the lineup for Saturday the 14th of October, 2017, when our cinema loving group jaunts to the Amen Schoolhouse in Monarch, Colorado for FACECON 7!! Above this article is the lineup for the SCI-FIRST half of the shortsfest. We hope to see you all there and remember,


FaceCon VII Tickets: AVAILABLE!

FACECON VII tickets are on sale now! We only have approximately 20 spots available this time, so maybe snatch up your tickets before someone else does?

Who am I kidding? We’re going to be begging you fuckers to get your money in just days before FaceCon VII, and some of you won’t even get that done. However, let’s all stay positive and hope that enough people actually get their money in so we can rent this awesome place and FaceCon isn’t held in a KOA Campground. Can we do that? Sounds peachy.

Dates: October 12 – 15, 2017
That’s right. You get an extra day this time. And that’s something money can’t buy.

Location: Amen Schoolhouse, Monarch, CO and Surrounding Areas

Itinerary and more information is listed here.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW. As always, there’s strength in numbers and one is certainly the loneliest number. Share a bed with someone and trade your dignity for a discounted ticket!


Well there, cult compatriots. The hour draws neigh for another foray into the wilds of the Colorado landcape, to that most perilous of FACECON venues for a return to the place where it all began. The final showdown between Danny Doffer and Emily Sandford sets the narrative backdrop for our terrifying weekend of horror screenings, pervasive drug use and sexual situations, cash prizes, retro trading cards, swag bag tomfoolery and general public disturbances with just touch of Madness sprinkled in. Yes kiddies, it’s FACECON VII : THE FINAL CHAPTER. And we are going back to THE AMEN SCHOOLHOUSE in Monarch, Colorado. This year’s array of take no goddamn prisoners, madcap, loony, cinema fantastique will bedazzle the viewer and send him or her into a rapidly spiraling joyride of mystery and frenzied wonder.

And naturally, there will be fun, food, prizes, puzzles, fucking Dead bodies N shit…..the always popular FACECON MOTHER FUCKING TRIVIA!!! AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT’S GONNA BE A BARN BURNER THIS YEAR, SON!!

Here’s our tentative lineup for this year’s festivities, ┬áthe theme loosely being: fucking crazy ass horror, with a few fun flicks thrown in to keep your Nederland wet N juicy, and naturally a Friday the 13th will be in there somewhere along the way….. with some Joe Bob Briggs and George Buck Flower!!

Thursday, October 12th, 2017
7:00 pm – “What We Do In The Shadows”(2014)
8:30 pm – “Scream”(1996)
10:30 pm – “Scary Movie”(2000)
12:30 pm – RIFFTRAX(formerly MST3K) – “Halloween”(1978)

Friday, October 13th, 2017
9 am – BREAKFAST/ “Guardians of the Galaxy 2″(2017)
11:30 am – LUNCH/ “Slither”(2006)
1:30 pm – “Teeth”(2007)
3:30 pm – “TNT’S MONSTERVISION : “Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter”(1984)
6:00 pm – DINNER/ “Brainscan”(1994)
7:30 pm – THE X-FILES: “X Cops”(2000)
8:30 pm – “The Final Girls”(2015)
10:30 pm – “Tromeo and Juliet”(1997)
12:30 am – “Night of The Comet”(1984)

Saturday, October 14th, 2017
8:00 am – BREAKFAST/Mystery Screening (2017)
10:00 am – “Gremlins 2″(1990)
12:00 pm – LUNCH/”Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn”(1987)
2:00 pm – TRIVIA TIME!!/Facecon TV
4:30 pm – “Bride of Chucky”(1998)
6:30 pm – DINNER/ “Stage Fright”(2014)
8:30 pm – “Dead Alive”(1992)
10:30 pm – TNT’S MONSTERVISION : “The Fog”(1987)
12:30 am – “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey”(1991)

Come one, come all, to the best exclusive, experiential horror convention club on the planet(cause we it, das why cum).

The craziness starts Thursday, October 12th and ends on Sunday morning, October 15th.

Get your ass to FACECON and KEEP IT CULT.