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FaceCon Tickets Available!

FACECON X: Cabin in the Woods 2 – The Recabinning

Dates: March 12 – 15, 2020
3 Days – 3 Nights. Dozens of movies. 15-ish of your fellow horror nerds. 550 gallons of blood. All hosted by your emcees of horror, Patrick Kitson and Jessica Moratto.

And of course, the premier trivia game that you and I both know is the highlight of the weekend, featuring a couple hundred trivia questions put together by Daniel Kelley.

Location: The Taylor Creek Cabins, Basalt, CO and Surrounding Areas

From the Hosts: So it would seem, kiddies and mutants alike, that once again the can’t-take-a-hint-voices in our heads have instructed us to assemble a bodacious, vivacious, and ultimately sacrificial group of ne’er-do-wells to descend upon our favorite killing field in Basalt, Colorado for the usual occurrence of the greatest experiential horror weekend on Earth!! Come one and come all!! We aim to please as we treat you to the customary onslaught of horror flicks, trash pics, sharpened sticks and dirty tricks that you’ve come to expect for 9 amazing events. Now join us in celebrating #10 with a FUN FILLED 3-day stint in the woods where we will barbeque, grub down on choice biddles, cavort, frolic and dance like it’s 1999 AND play Cornhole…..

Yes we are going back to the Taylor Creek Cabins exactly 5 years to the day since we last went. This time out however, we will under no circumstances TERRORIZE ANY INNOCENT FAMILIES no matter how FUNNY it seems/is at the time.

The cool price of $225 for singles and $400 for couples guarantees you a risky weekend with some people who may or may not have untoward intent. So I mean, you know, BE WARNED….?

Guess that’s it really……anything else I should put on here Jess?

Tickets are ON SALE NOW. As always, there’s strength in numbers and one is certainly the loneliest number. Share a bed with someone and trade your dignity and money for a warm body!!

I want to go to FaceCon!
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FaceCon VII Tickets: AVAILABLE!

FACECON VII tickets are on sale now! We only have approximately 20 spots available this time, so maybe snatch up your tickets before someone else does?

Who am I kidding? We’re going to be begging you fuckers to get your money in just days before FaceCon VII, and some of you won’t even get that done. However, let’s all stay positive and hope that enough people actually get their money in so we can rent this awesome place and FaceCon isn’t held in a KOA Campground. Can we do that? Sounds peachy.

Dates: October 12 – 15, 2017
That’s right. You get an extra day this time. And that’s something money can’t buy.

Location: Amen Schoolhouse, Monarch, CO and Surrounding Areas

Itinerary and more information is listed here.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW. As always, there’s strength in numbers and one is certainly the loneliest number. Share a bed with someone and trade your dignity for a discounted ticket!


Tomorrow, December 17th, some brave members of The Face Eaters Collective are taking the Star Wars Marathon challenge in Denver, CO. Starting at 2:30AM on Thursday morning with The Phantom Menace, all six original Star Wars films will be theatrically screened in episode order in whatever semi-finished, digitally-enhanced-and-reenhanced, wrestled-away-from-George-Lucas form they exist in nowadays, leading up to an (early) 7:30PM premiere of The Force Awakens (possibly in 3D).

Stay tuned for pictures, video and news from the event!

James Woods Survives Car Accident in Glenwood Springs, CO

James Woods, Accomplished Actor

James Woods escaped with his life and a concussion on Monday after totaling his Jeep in Glenwood Canyon during a nasty 7 car pileup. Mr. Woods was not the cause of the crash, which was attributed to another driver traveling well above safe speeds for the icy conditions. While he isn’t the first driver to run afoul of Colorado winter driving, and certainly won’t be the last, we are very glad to hear that he’s ok.

Make sure to read his account of the accident, complete with grizzly details in the full story from

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On Lightsabers… Blue, Green or Red? What color says about your alignment.

This article was originally published several months ago but with FORCE AWAKENS being released and it’s current relevence, we have repost it for your enjoyment.

There’s no denying the rush we Star Wars fans get when we hear the unmistakable snap-hiss of a lightsaber being ignited. Since the very first time Luke Skywalker activated his father’s ice-blue lightsaber in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s desert hut, the world has been obsessed with this “weapon for a more civilized age.” Over the years, we’ve seen the Jedi wielding blue, green and even purple bladed lightsabers, with deep crimson red blades reserved for those who had turned down the dark path. But what do these colors really mean? Why does Luke wield a blue saber at first, then transition to a green one later in the series? Can the forces of evil handle the traditionally cool blue-bladed lightsabers of the “Light Side”? Why does the arguably most skilled Jedi in history wield a purple lightsaber?
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