Having been over sixteen years since the 2001 release of Cameron Crowe’s “Vanilla Sky”, this polarizing film has been experiencing a recent resurgence in interest and wih that has found a new audience as the film has become something people in this day and age can more easily access. Perhaps a bit ahead of its time, it failed to catch on with the public when it was released and quickly was relegated to being what was widely considered to be a financial and artistic failure, with only the former being true. This wildly underrated psychological masterpiece is a wonderfully beautiful and clever blend of tragic romance, science fiction and reality-warping film narrative to say nothing of the dark humor and meta-winks here and there that add irreverence and fun to this ultimately bittersweet cinema ¬†outing. Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel and Spiritualized all laid the foundation of one of the most well realized soundtracks in recent memory. Beyond the music, the film’s use of surrealistic, non-reality sequences keep you guessing as to what the film is even really about right up until the very end. You just can’t say anymore without giving away a single aspect of what makes this film so special but it is definitely worth a couple viewings and in the humble opinion of this Face Eater, easily one of the best love stories ever.

“Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around…”


“I’ll see you in the next life, when we are both CATS…”