Here’s a wee bit o’ trivia for any and all who may find it interesting. Surely by now you have seen the Evil Dead Trilogy and ALL of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, RIGHT? If not, leave now. Just go. If you HAVE watched them, then did you know this?
There are several cinema “winks” back and forth between Wes Craven and Sami Raimi hidden in the aforementioned films? NO? Well, let us learns ya’…
When Sam Raimi made his feature-length directorial debut with “The Evil Dead” in 1981, Wes Craven already had several films under his belt including “Last House on the Left” and “The Hills Have Eyes”. Raimi was already a fan of Craven’s films. So, in one scene of “The Evil Dead”, a piece of the poster for “Hills” can be seen on a wall in the background. Wes Craven, having seen and enjoyed “The Evil Dead” decided to use a clip of the film on a TV screen in Nancy’s room right before Glen(Johnny Depp) climbs in her window early on in the original “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Surprisingly enough, Sam took it even further by having Freddy’s Glove hanging from the wall next to the door in the basement where Ash goes to retrieve the pages of the Necronomicon in “Evil Dead 2”. Which is, obviously, all very awesome and shows that you can make classic pieces of cinema whilst dabbling in the meta behind the lens. We salute these two icons of horror and their odd ways.