Does anyone say that anymore? BOOB TUBE? Have I just simultaneously deprecated and dated myself? Am I awash in a sea of disinterested and disenfranchised readers? Such are the unsolved mysteries of this frail mortal coil called life…

BUT, I digress…

We hear tell at FACECON HQ that there have been murmurings of a KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE sequel headed our way in the form of a new TV series created by the original men behind the circus, the Brothers CHIODO. Speaking recently with many news outlets, the brothers have confirmed that they are pitching the idea to TV executives who have shown interest in adapting the 1988 cult classic for the small screen. More on this…uh, and MORE, soonish. Or not.


FACECON V was a MASSIVE success!!

As per usual, the fifth semi-annual FACECON festivities went off without a hitch (aside from a random tangle with the shockingly decent and kind police officers of GEOREGETOWN, CO) and many revels were had by all who dared to seek out the unknown and frankly, risk life and limb to come to this most dark and sacred of communal gatherings. That said, the puzzles, prizes and events were an all time high, as was attendance, which was almost double that of FACECON IV!! There were literally HAUNTED HOUSES and DISMEMBERED BODY PARTS…..and did went mention the horror films?? Too many to count(14). Keep a bloody eyeball peeled for updates here about our upcoming FACECON VI!!! Coming late ’16/ early ’17.