The Face Eaters At The Colorado Horror Con!!

Well, it’s October 1st and we can now announce that we of this burgeoning film collective shall be attending and covering all the spooky and awesome goings on at this year’s Colorado Horror Con, taking place the weekend of October 30th-Nov.1st. Aside from the usual cavalcade of sweet screenings and groovy events planned, this year we have the chance to meet horror vixen, Troma Queen and Face Eater favorite, Debbie muthaf**kin’ Rochon! Hallelujah! say we of the horror persuasion, and how. Additionally, we would be remiss if we did not make mention of the Master of Cermemonies himself, Mr. Joe Bob Briggs who shall be leading the festivities for all three days. It’s going to be quite the event and surely one for the record books. We shall be covering the whole thing, albeit in an unofficial capacity, regularly updating the site with the happenings and goings on of one of our favorite conventions Colorado has to offer. Come one and come all. For more info, hop on over to and we hope to see you there.