We have had a spate of recent genre stars passing on from this mortal coil and this evening we here at the collective have received some of the gravest and tragic news of the last year. Horror maestro and genre defining genius Wes Craven has passed away at the age of 76. Nothing can express how we here at FACECON HQ feel in the wake of this. To say he made an impact is to say too little, and to speak of his impact is but an exercise in futility, as he was arguably the greatest horror director of all time, perhaps even as much as Hitchcock. His credits include LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, DEADLY FRIEND, THE SPERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, all four SCREAMS to say nothing of his most well known creation, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and it’s iconic villain, Freddy Kruger. We miss you WES. We will, always.




No, it wasn’t in space. So many horror series’ fourth films ARE in space though, that we couldn’t help ourselves(i.e. Hellraiser, Critters, Leprechaun). It was actually at the Amen schoolhouse in Monarch Colorado, right atop the continental divide and from it’s breathtaking views to it’s subtle menace, it proved to be a location we shant soon forget here at The Face Eaters. Indeed, ’twas a wonderful site for our most recent of FACECONS. Many laughs and more than a few close brushes with death were had, and we all managed to conme out the other side relatively unscathed, save for one guy we had to leave behind because he was…..TURNING. Aside from that joker, everyone was better for the experience…even when we were made to re-create the famous “bat” scene from “The Great Outdoors”. Swag bags were provided as per usual, and included BLAIR WITHC PROJECT trading cards, COREY HAIM magnets, Caesar cypher wheels, Monstervision buttons, event lanyards, personalized badges, and a veritable cornucopia of other assorted cult awesomeness. All attendees were also given a history of the area and the last entries in the journal of Emily Sandford, a young resident of the area in the late 1800’s. Spooky stuff. And of course, we had screenings of many horror clasics befitting our religious schoolhouse theme such as BATTLE ROYALE, THE FACULTY, CARRIE and many more. Suffice it to say, we just might have stirred up a few revenants in our brief time at the schoolhouse and hopefully we will be coming back to this place in the future. As for Emily, only time will tell what happened to her after she set the world on fire.