That’s right. We’re back. And we’re about to get all up in your ass like a proctologist with bad depth-perception…

Did you attend FACECON’s One, Two or Three? Or are you amongst the hardest of the hardcore who has attended multiple FACECON’s? Are you one of the masochistic-elite who has been to all three?? If so, then pour yourself a drink, you’ve certainly earned it. Because you know how it feels as the event comes to it’s inevitable close and a small part of you dies inside, realizing weeks or months later that nothing in your life will ever again burn quite as brightly in the shadow of a FACECON. Did you miss out on FACECON Part 3 for some inexcusable reason and have been struggling to reconcile that fact and forgive yourself somehow ever since? Do you just like going to remote and strange locales with random groups of questionable and possibly ill-intentioned weirdos to hole-up for a couple of days making bad decisions and binge-watching horror films? Well, we have good news for each and every one of you.

We’re doing it again.

And rest assured that FACECON IV: Re-Education, WILL get you all set for assimilation into the hive-mind. Courses will run from August 14th through August 16th, and shall be held in the historic Amen Schoolhouse located in secluded Monarch Colorado. Founded by persons unknown in the late 1800’s, the building functioned as a schoolhouse right up into the 1960’s…

Also important to note : ATTENDANCE IS NO LONGER OPTIONAL.

Although there is a limit of 16 (or possibly 18 under the right circumstances) FACE EATERS who can attend FaceCon Four due to a finite number of beds. SO… first come, first served. And let’s do this shit. Come risk your life and the chastity of your various bodily-cavities with your shady and unscrupulous brethren: The Face Eaters.

YOU WILL NOT LIVE to regret it.

More to follow.


And now for another one our patented golden oldies, yes yes….from the racks and stacks, it’s the best on wax!! Well, actually, now-a-days it would be….like, the best on celluloid, or plastic, or flashdrive, or in the f***ing cloud….eh…..

Alas, I digress!!

Picking up directly after the events of Part II, this defining entry in series finds our hooded killer moving away from one side of Crystal Lake and it’s summer camp where he just killed several counselors, to the other side where he terrorizes teenagers on vacation at Higgins Haven. He offs people in increasingly gruesome ways, he proceeds to take out every single person except one…will our survivor girl Chris Higgins be able to survive long enough to take out the masked maniac or will she be, you know…dead?

Released in 1982 to the largest box office of the series thus far, “FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3” marks the first time the slasher icon dons his trademark hockey mask and boasts a substantially larger death toll than previous entries, with almost as many as Parts 1&2 combined. This is the film that secured Jason’s place as the penultimate camp slasher. Additionally, this is the movie which saw Jason really take up the machete as a favored weapon for the films to come. Originally planned as the end to a trilogy, this film utilized 3-D technology to really get audiences excited. It worked. Seven more films in the original canon alone followed including “Part 4:The Final Chapter” and “Jason Goes to Hell”, neither of which were actually the end of the series. The film had to be extensively trimmed to avoid an X rating from the MPAA. One interesting tidbit: Parts 2,3 &4 all take place within one week of each other while most of the other films have years if not decades between films. Jason is a pillar of the genre and we all pay tribute to house of Voorhees!!