Don’t fix that which is not broken…especially true for killer robots of the shopping-mall-security-variety.

These villains of Jim Wynorski’s 1986 cult classic Chopping Mall are of course high-tech security robots that go on a killing spree inside of a shopping mall, dubbed “Killbots.”(which was the original title of the film). But there’s a Chopping Mall redux in pre-production, and the man behind the remake says the script does *not* feature killbots.

In an interview with Nightmare Toys last week, Robert Hall (Laid to Rest) gave an update on his much-derided Chopping Mall remake, detailing the massive deviation from the original.

My version of CHOPPING MALL that I wrote is totally supernatural,” Hall told the show. “It’s more The Fog set in an abandoned mall than it is robots. Instead of killer robots, they are these mannequins that are possessed by the souls of dead slaves that worked at the plantation that the mall was built over.”

Sorry guys… purists,” he added. “I have a different take. Which [Roger Corman] really, really likedDo need to get that underway.”

Hall also said that he’s not sure if he’s even retained the aforementioned remake rights to Chopping Mall, so perhaps this fairly stupid and ill-advised plan of removing the one thing that makes this slasher classic unique will earn it a place in development hell along with the much-beleaguered Hellraiser remake, where it belongs. Despite this glaring oversight and uncertainty, he’s (foolishly?) hoping to get his planned remake off the ground in the near future. But I woulsnt hold your breath.



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Although estimates indicate Black Panther’s historic 5-week run at the top of the US box office ended this weekend with Pacific Rim Uprising taking the top slot, T’Challa claimed another crown in the process. Black Panther has pulled in an estimated $630.9 million as of this weekend so far, pipping 2012’s Avengers to become the highest grossing superhero movie in U.S. history (Not accounting for inflation).

It’s the latest in a string of records the movie has taken since it launched last month, and it’s not just domestically that Black Panther is soaring. Globally the film has now pulled in just over $1.2 billion, and by the end of the weekend is expected to surpass Iron Man 3 to become the third-highest grossing comic book movie worldwide—only surpassed by Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Black Panther’s cinematic success means so much more than oodles of cash for Marvel—its loud, proud proof that diverse blockbuster can’t just succeed, but become some of the biggest films in history. Let’s hope an era of diverse, brilliant blockbuster films is just beginning.

Platinum Dunes Producers Update on Current Status of the ‘Friday the 13th’ Franchise



That one still hurts every day,” says Andrew Form.

Last March, production was *supposed* to begin on a new reboot of the Friday the 13th franchise from Platinum Dunes, with Breck Eisner (The Crazies) directing a script penned by Aaron Guzikowksi (Prisoners). The Paramount/Platinum Dunes production, of course, was shut down before filming began; we haven’t heard a peep from Jason since.

As most are aware by now, the rights for the Friday franchise are set to revert back to Warner Bros./New Line sometime this year, with a lawsuit from Victor Miller, the original film’s writer, in the works that could prevent even them from bringing Jason back to the big screen anytime soon. Amid all this, Arrow caught up with Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller andAndrew Form for a little chat about Friday the 13th, which updates us on the general status of the franchise at this particular point in time.

One of the biggest heartbreaks of the last couple years was that we were about to make that movie and it fell apart. That still hurts,” Fuller admitted. “The fans reach out to us; Andrew doesn’t really engage because he’s not on Twitter, but I am and I hear from the fans and that’s all they ask about. We get asked about that more than anything else.”

He continued, “Fans think it’s so simple, that if we want to make the movie we can go make it, and that’s just not the case. There are rights issues; originally, Warner Bros. owned the rights, then Paramount had them for a couple of years, and now I think the rights are reverting back to Warner Bros. At the same time, there’s this on-going lawsuit with Victor Miller. If there’s a lawsuit hanging over the rights, it’s problematic, you can’t really make the movie until that gets settled. And now the movie is at New Line, and we’ve made a lot of movies with those guys, but that’s not our home studio anymore.

So the question is, [does New Line] want to make the movie with us? If they want to make that movie with us, we will drop what we’re doing to make that movie. We had such a great experience making Friday the 13th, it was a dream come true to watch those movies as a kid and then be a part of it. So I don’t really have a clear answer.”

Form, meanwhile, offered only sadness about the death of the Guzikowski/Eisner iteration of Dunes’ Friday the 13th reboot that came so close to happening. “That one still hurts every day,” he told the site “We were a couple of weeks from filming on that one, Guzikowski wrote an unbelievable script, we found the camp… That one still hurts.”

For now, Jason Voorhees remains dead at the bottom of Crystal Lake.


Only eight or so weeks until AVENGERS INFINITY WAR hits cinemas and the Face Eaters are planning a screening event on premiere night here in sunny Grand Junction, CO. Any and all are welcome to attend, though given the fact that I alone am the only one who writes or reads anything on this site, it’ll likely just be Face Eaters who attend. This has been 10 years and 18 films in the making. Never before in the history of the moving image has there been a more cohesive and connected narrative spanning so many films in such a short time. It took merely 10 years to get to film # 19 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a comparison, Star Wars has taken over 35 years to get to just 9 films (11 if you include EWOKS:Battle for Endor and The STAR WARS Christmas Special, which you really should). Every single Marvel film in the current MCU has been #1 in the Box Office the weekend it pened, was certified fresh on and was a huge money maker, always tripling it’s money back at minimum. This culmination is gonna be one for the record books and hopefully we see you there for this most excellent of film battle royales. Can Earth’s mightiest heroes stave off complete destruction by the mad Titan Thanos and his sinister Black Order? AVENGERS INIFINITY WAR opens in theaters April 27th, and we will be there opening night to see the fireworks at Carmike Cinemas..






Back in the early days of CGI, basically the hey day of the 90s, when pogs were actually a thing, there was sub-genre of video games which utilized long form CGI sequences and mouse-click room navigation intercut with action/battle simulators. It was a relatively forgettable and not entirely dissimilar from the engines that drove classic such as MYST and FANTASMAGORIA. From the long-forgotten deck of the digital past comes an oft-forgotten gem known as Wing Commander. The series began as a straight space battle sim, then by the third entry had started to include the aforementioned CGI sequences. What also began with Wing Commander 3(1994) was the inclusion of a coherent storyline as well as some star power to back it up. Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell and Tom Wilson(better known to most as Biff Tannen the Back to the Future trilogy) all joined up and the result was a great little sci-fi story with some fun, if repetitive, battle sims. Wing Commander 4(1996) would come out soon after with Hamill, McDowell and Wilson reprising their roles(and hamming it the f*** up), as well as several newcomers like cult favs Mark Dacascos(Brotherhood of the Wolf), Casper Van Dien(Starship Troopers) and Robert Russler(Nightmare On Elm Street 2 & Weird Science) to say nothing of soon-to-be Emmy-winner John Spencer(Leo McGarry from Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing). The story is much improved over part 3, and Russler makes a compelling foil to Hamill’s cocky sky-jocky. It’s worth finding playthroughs on youtube just to watch Hamill trade barbs with Wilson and match wits with Spencer, Russler and McDowell. Its pure cheese mostly and not entirely dissimilar from a Sci-Fi Channel film of the mid-90s, especially with it’s lackluster, hokey VFX. STILL, highly recommended by our staff for the retro game enthusiast of the 90’s, sci-fi deep cut needs, or if you just have amaze-balls cult creedo.



All our friends are back for another supernatural spin round the wheel of dark happenings in their small town with the debut of STRANGER THINGS Season 2. And while the initial plan according to netflix as recently as 3 days ago was to release the much anticipated follow up to last years cultural behemoth, the season have arrived and we have watched most of it. It’s maybe not better, but certainly ad good as the first season as far as we can tell. But don’t believe us. What are you waiting for?? Go and binge watch that shizzle!!




Hey there, always a pleasure.

The Historic Avalon Theater here in Grand Junction, Colorado, will be hosting a wonderful soiree where they shall screen “THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW” on Halloween Night. October 31st. Pre party @ 6:30, Screening starts @ 8:00. Should be so very.




Facecon’s First Sci-Fi/Horror SHORTSFEST

Here at FACECON.ORG, AND with our seminal bi-annual event, FACECON, we ill-tempered worker bees amuse ourselves by injecting bits of culture we hope to enhance the lives of our attendees and by extension our collective with. As such, we have decided to incorporate a three and half hour SCI-FI/HORROR Shortsfest into the lineup for Saturday the 14th of October, 2017, when our cinema loving group jaunts to the Amen Schoolhouse in Monarch, Colorado for FACECON 7!! Above this article is the lineup for the SCI-FIRST half of the shortsfest. We hope to see you all there and remember,


We all float down here…

We, of the Face Eaters Cinema Collective are people of principle. We do not lax in our duty to report all things “cult”, and pop-culturally significant, as so we deem it, to you largely morose, debased, and misanthropic slugs who we imagine read this shit but clearly don’t. And AS SUCH, we are doing you ingrates a favor, and getting peek at the new adaptation of Stephen Kings “IT”, so as to give you’s fucks an idea of whether or not you should give a fuck. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you whether to spend some money on the always-risky gamble of a Stephen King adaptation, and we have assigned 16 of our best film aficionados to give us a good sampling of reactions and will have a full review up within the week. Until then, join 8 Grand Junction and 8 Denver FACE EATERS for what is sure to be one of the best horror films of the year….hopefully. Until then, get your paper boats sealed in paraffin wax, and join us for the horror premiere of the year!!



And naturally,


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